Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Round up

Snake Scales Skin Socks

I don't think the different dyelot on the toe is too obnoxious. There's just a touch of the neon yellow in the new skein and the dark spots are no denser than the densest part of the original dyelot. Not a bad fix. Next time I use Koigu on a heavy pattern like this or cables, I'll know to get three skeins.

In the background is sock #2. Heel flap done, heel turned, gusset set up. And away we go down the foot. Technically these need to be done and posted to the Six Sox KAL by next Saturday. I can't keep ignoring this poor sock. Now I remember why I do the cuff/cuff, leg/leg, heel/heel ect thing. I am verging on the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.

Escher's Leaves
It's still a blob, but it's a slightly larger blob. I'm halfway done with repeat 14.

Damaris Underwood

I worked 2.5 hours on the stitching side this week and finished the eyelet alphabet. Since this is a reproduction, I leave in all the flaws of design and execution. That includes the poor centering and missing "XYZ" on this alphabet. Next up on this piece is a simple lower case alphabet in plain cross stitch. It should go fairly fast.

Black Jewels Afghan
I actually did work on this project this week. The weather here has taken a turn towards autumn. The temps have been in the 60's and down to the upper 40s F at night - perfect weather, though a bit rainy. We can use it; it was a dry summer here.

I'd not worked on this much this summer. It's right at the halfway point now and it fills my lap. That's nice when it's chilly, but not so good as a hot weather project. I did a Russian join on the colored yarn and knit past it. There's still a long way to go, but there's no deadline on this one.

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