Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Meme - 10 Knitterly Things

I got tagged for a meme by Gumperina.

List 10 Knitterly things we don't know about you.

1) I learned to knit originally from my grandmother. To keep me out of my mom's hair when my little sister was born. Age 7.

2) I RE-taught myself in high school from a craft encyclopedia. c 1972.

3) I abhor most 'fashion' sweaters with a passion.

4) But I adore Elizabeth Zimmermann and Jacqueline Fee. - fit to ME, with my gauge on my needles...

5) My first full sized sweater was reknit five times. Over 10 years. Not because of any error on my part. My late husband kept gaining and loosing weight.

6) The first sweater I knit for myself and kept was made out of my own handspun. I'd love to be able to spin again, but I can only use drop spindle due to knee injuries.

7) The first lace I ever knit was for my son's christening. A shawl/blanket from one of the EZ patterns in her Knitter's almanac.

8) I still have that shawl and hope that his bride might be willing to wear it at the wedding. Or that she'll let me knit her one that they can then use at their babies' christenings.

9) I know how to weave. And I have a floor loom. (see the knees above).

10) My other passion is needlework - cross stitch and related techniques. I do reproduction samplers and complex pictorial pieces.

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