Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And now for something completely different

The name of this blog was originally meant to refer to my two main craft endeavors - knitting and needlework (cross-stitch and related techniques). But so far this year, the sticks and strings have taken over and left the thread and needle in the dust. But no more.

Here is a look at the current project in the needlework category. I am trying very hard to have only two knitting projects on the needles at any one time - one complex one that I work on at home and a travel project (socks usually) that I carry around to work on in odd moments. On the needlework, I'm not so disciplined. I have about 10 current projects and several HUNDRED (yes really) in the stash. This is not a good thing.

So this one is "Damaris Underwood" from the Scarlet Letter. SL is a company that specializes in reproduction samplers. Damaris is a 'bookplate Quaker' - the bold lettering style in the top alphabet is definitive of Quaker influence. The lettering that I'm working on now is made up of eyelets. There is one more lower case alphabet in plain cross-stitch and then a set of numbers and the signature and date will be over one. I also have to complete the bottom border.

My basic plan is to work on Damaris for 10 hours. That may be enough to get her done, but if not, I'll then put her away and pull out the pictorial. This method of working is called a rotation and it keeps you from getting too bored with working on the same project for a long time.

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PJ said...

I enjoyed seeing that picture and your ponderings about working it. Show us more of your hundreds of projects!