Friday, September 01, 2006

New project - logical explanation

I WAS going to finish the SSSSocks first, really I was. But ::headdesk:: I left them AT WORK - on a holiday weekend. Let's do the math: 30 minute commute vs the possibility of a shiny new project with lace. Sorry, sock, you loose. The in-progress sock, the pattern and the extra yarn will stay on top of my file cabnite this weekend - all four days of it. I promise it will make a prompt re-appearance on Tuesday!

I cannot be without yarn in hand for four days, obviously.

So here is a new bit of eye candy. Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl in Louet Gems Merino Pearl(fingering weight). Since I just finished a "leaf lace" project, henceforth this project will be called "Escher Leaves Shawl", because the leaves fit into each other just like one of Escher's tesselated drawings.

Great pattern - both charted and written, so I went back and forth between the two until I was sure I understood how the chart works. Only the first half of each row is charted, but instead of reversing the second half, you start over just after the border stitches.

There's also a very clever little garter square start that keeps the upper garter stitch border intact at the center back. I'm through chart 1 and on the second repeat of 17 for chart 2. So far it feels like it's going fast, but I know that before too much longer the increases will add up to the place where it feels like no progress whatso ever is being made.

Gumperina did this shawl in the small size with sport weight yarn in 4 (YES, that's not a typo - four) days!!! I'm doing the large size with a lighter yarn, and I'm a much slower knitter, but I hope to make some substantial progress on this over the weekend while my socks are in durance vile.

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