Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The New "Crack"

Newly Discovered Addiction.

I never really "got" handknit wash cloths. Until now. This is the Mason-Dixon Knitting "Ball Band Washcloth". And it is soft and cushy and utterly cute. And it took me about four hours. This one took me a couple of hours last night and a couple of hours tonight while watching "Harry Potter 1" on video. And I can't say that I knit solidly through that time, either night.

Since I have about six of these to make, it's good to know that they are quick. This one is mine - the edges are a hodgepodge. I was trying to figure out a way to both carry the color changes and do some kind of edgeing. Turns out the best way is a simple slipped stitch edge like I used on the Diva Scarf but with the un-used border color twisted in half way through the texture repeat. I've re-written the published pattern for that edging.

Two of the three babies-to-be are forcasted as girls - so a stop at Hobby Lobby for more "Sugar 'n Cream" cotton yarn in pinks is in order. I need to hit Pet'Smart before the weekend for rat food anyhow. Shopping is in order!


Nathalie said...

I am going to knit me some washcloths now that the baby blankie is finshed. Yep, Finished! Yippee! (More startitis)

PJ said...

I know...I've only made three washclothes in my time, but I 'want' to make more...I've got to have this pattern..kind of like a brick wall!