Monday, August 28, 2006

Little Leaf Lace - it's all over but the....

.... shouting, I mean the Blocking. That's right - the get it wet, stick wires in it part. I'll bet if my knitting could shout at that point it would.

OK, that is JUST WRONG. LOL. But the fact remains, this weekend there will be blocking on the bed again and pictures of damp lace! Yeah baby. No FO post till it's blocked and dried though.

What to do next becomes the question of the day. Other than keep working on the Snake Skin Socks, of course. The first gussett is done and I'm slogging my way towards the toe and I haven't run out of yarn yet! We'll see - it will be very close one way or the other.

Options for the new project are:

The Lace Leaf Shawl (Fiber Trends)- now that I have all the materials figured out
The Celtic Knot Hat (Girl from Auntie)- to match the Irish Hiking Scarf
Cotton wash cloths- I have THREE baby showers coming up!!!

I'm thinking that last one has to be the priorty project. Two or three hand knit wash cloths, a rubber duck, a pretty basket ..... I need to find another source of organic baby shampoo and hand milled soap. The Market isn't carrying the brand I used to use. All this times THREE!! We are having a population explosion at work. I swear it Must be something in the water LOL. Counting these three and Stacy's baby and Lori's and Lisa's our 40 person office has had six littles in two years. That's a lot o' littles! Wait a minute, and Nat's and Jamie's (but they both had theirs before starting with us, so they don't quite count).

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