Saturday, September 02, 2006

Productive Day

1) The back yard is mowed and weed whacked.

2) The over due library books are returned. Good bye "Mason-Dixon Knitting". I will have to buy a copy soon.

3) The dishes are caught up, the frige cleaned, and a load of laundry was done and is hung out. Also, the living and dining room are swept and the first of the month Sept bills are mailed.

4) The farmer's market was visited and fresh tomatoes reside in the clean! fridge; however, no eggs were purchased, as the Menonite ladies group wasn't there today *sigh*. They have the brown eggs, free range eggs; eggs like I grew up with. Store eggs are not of the good.

5) The Escher's Leaves shawl is at 15% per the shawl calculation gizmo on Rose-Kim's site (in the sidebar).

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