Thursday, August 03, 2006

Widow's Shawl - Edging DONE

Yes, that is the two ends of the edging on the Widow's Shawl all ready for the grafting. I'm going to try to do that over the weekend.

But the final happy dance with the blocked lace may not be for a few days yet. I CAN'T FIND MY LACE BLOCKING WIRES!!! I have torn the craft area apart. It's not like they are SMALL - for pete's sake they are a yard long and all in a pvc tube with end caps to keep them from getting bent. If I can't find them by the weekend, I'll have to order another set.

I hate that I'm so dis-organized right now. I suppose that I'd better take some knitting time soon and use it to get the desk/craft area put back together. Moving all the animals in here when the AC died meant things just got piled on top of other things. It's a disaster.

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