Friday, August 04, 2006

New Lace - Decisions, Decisions

It's time to decide on my next partner for The Amazing Lace, now that the Widow's Shawl is all but done.

Here's one option
This is the yarn that I wound off tonight. I can't really get a great photo of the color. It's a real vanilla ice cream color with handpainted areas in the palest imaginable peachy pink and blueish green. It's a 100% merino fingering weight yarn from Fleece Artist Merino in the "Wildflower" colorway. I got it from Simply Socks (standard disclaimer - just a customer).

For an idea of the color see the Fleece Artist palette here. My "Wildflowers" is a LOT paler than the photo,though; it's very subtle. And it has a wonderful hand. The merino will be very 'skin friendly', too. The plan is for a 'spring and early fall' scarf. Lace, about 5-7 inches wide and 50ish inches long.

I'm considering several patterns:

Branching Out scarf from Knitty's online 'zine.

Little Leaf Lace Scarf from Sivia Harding - I'd do about half the width of the pictured scarf.

Feather and Fan (for a reference, see the "Misty Garden" scarf in Scarf Style

The other option is:

The "Leaf Lace Shawl" from Fiber Trends. (Better picture here.)

I am really waffling on this. I just finished a shawl and a scarf, so I'm not drawn strongly to either option.

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