Monday, July 17, 2006

Boring progress report

All my projects are in limbo state. They are in the scarf/shawl equivalent of 'sleeve island' - that point where the project seems never ending and progress minimal.

I mean, really, is THIS interesting ???

More points around the Widow's Shawl (done 60, to go 24)
TIHS - still growing (almost 42 inches done, about 14 to go)

BORING..... but necessary.

Plus it is SO hot - 103 real temp and it's 6:30 pm!! I hate to think what August will be like. When it gets this hot, knitting isn't real attractive. Even inside under the laboring AC, your hands are sweat sticky and the yarn just doesn't flow well. (Snivel, bitch and moan - as my dad used to say).

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