Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Heat Wave

Another WAY too hot day in Kansas. 106 degress F!!! And the big A/C in the living room pooped out sometime in the night.

I took a couple of hours off this morning and got a replacement, but it's small and will only cool the bedroom. So the Rat Pack has been moved in here and Molly is laying sprawled out on the bed in front of the new source of coolness and the door to the main part of the house is tightly shut. We are all trapped in the one comfortable place in the house.

All the heat is making it so that I don't want to knit on anything wooly - IE all the current projects....

So I cast on a sock LOL. Regia cotton/wool in a rust, tan and cream colorway. Simple 2x2 rib design. Pictures when it's more than just a wiggle. *G*

For the record - after forcing myself to spend a few hot and sticky minutes on each active project:

TIHS - 47 inches
Widow's Shawl - 62 points
"Carmel" Surf socks#1 - top ribbing

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