Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sock Savior - Almost

I found out about "Sockapaloooza" number 3 just a few days after the signups closed. But I emailed Alison and let her know that if she needed somebody to knit for a 'drop out', that I was available.

I reminded her of that last week, and she told me that she'd know by Tuesday. I didn't check my mail over the weekend, but today I discovered that she'd emailed me back and asked if I was up for "an anklet" that was about two inches around smaller than my feet-boats, any color ok, cotton or cotton-wool.

Hummm, does that remind anybody of this? Yeah, me too. Luckily, I just pulled the needles out and jammed the abandoned Sixth Sense Sock into the ziplock and tucked it away. It's been pulled out, frogged back to where the 'broken' part of the broken rib started and is being re-knit in a regular K4P2 ribbing. So my cool little hem is salvaged!!

All other knitting is on hold, as the regular socks were to have been mailed by the first of June and someone out there is saying "wonder where my socks are....."

ETA: Bummer. Got everything going great guns (loose stitches back on needles, count corrected, round marker in the right place, knitting resumed. Then I rolled on over to my email to double check the requested width and length. And she doesn't need me after all. *sigh*

These socks are doomed, doomed I tell you. I don't love my hem enough to knit them for somebody else. I know how to do a knitted in cast on hem and that's all that matters. This projects is officially frogged. Rippppppppppp RIP, sock, your yarn will be re-incarnated into a pair of socks that actually fits me.

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Laura said...

Aww. How disappointing that she didn't need you as a sock savior. And your were so enthusiastic about it! You'll be ready for s'pooza #4! It's fun to swap and get to know new people. :)