Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ahem, I have a hem

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I cast on the new six sock KAL sock tonight. The name of the pattern is "Sixth Sense". As I posted earlier, I am worried about the fit on this one. I did add 6 stitches to the circumference and am working one needle up from where I usually would with this yarn (US1 instead of US0). But it still looks very small to me.

I'm going to make these as anklets - summer socks. I was going to use some Sockatta that I have in lime and pale blue and peach, but I decided that the wool content in this denim Regia would work better. It's about 40% wool, 35% cotton and 25% nylon, so it should have good memory and wear well.

This is a very interesting pattern - starts with a hem. The designer has you CO, then later pick up stitches along the CO edge. For something as stretchable as a sock top has to be, I prefer to do a provisional cast on, then release the live stitches. It DID work, but man is it fiddlely. At one point I had the four top needles, the bottom was on three stitch holders and one quadrant of the bottom on a needle. Talk about wrestling with the porcupine!!!! There were points EVERYWHERE. I'll take a picture of that mess when I get to the second sock.

But eventually you get to a nice hemmed top.

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