Friday, May 12, 2006

It's still going - rather like the Energizer Bunny Shawl

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I'm not sure I'll EVER get this to the edge. I'm now working on fifth stocking stitch panel on the Widow's Shawl. As I knew it would, I slowed down as the rounds get longer and longer.

I also think that I'm going to run into a major size problem on the pattern as written. What? You say, "I thought shawls were uni-sized". Well, yes they are to an extent.

But I've heard from a couple of threads on Knitter's Review that the shawls in this book tend to be large as the designer herself is a tall, staturesque woman. Indeed, in the book photographs, she is quite tall and slim.

Yours truly is both short and dumpy. Oops. This shawl is a square 60 inches along the side as written. There is a good rule of thumb for triangle shawls (which this will be as it will be folded corner to corner and worn as a triangle); the "long edge" measurement should be approximately the height of the wearer.

I am BARELY 5 foot 3 inches. That means that my square shawl should be about 63 inches on the diagonal. You all remember this little gem? a squared times b squared equals c squared? If you do the math, that makes a shawl about 43 inches along each of the sides, not 60!!!

Actually that's good news, since I'm already at about 45 inches (unblocked) along the diagonal. I'm thinking that I'll just need to start the edging after the fifth lace panel instead of after the sixth.

Now I just need to figure out what lace pattern I'm going to use as the edging. The pattern just has a plain bind off, but I want it to be a little more 'lacy' than that.

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