Monday, May 15, 2006

And going, and going.......

Still knitting away on the Widow's Shawl. No picture today, because - well it looks the same as before - just an inch longer LOL.

It's easy, simple knitting. The designer (Cheryl Oberle in Folk Shawls) describes it as "The basic black shawl seen in many European countries... In earlier times it could indicate social status as a married woman or a widow."

Honestly, this would be a perfect knitting project for a new widow. It's mindless knitting for those first few weeks when all your brain can do is stick in that endless loop of "He's gone; he's dead. No, I can't believe it. Yes, it's true. He's gone." I'm long past that stage and this project is verging on boring.

My saving grace is that I've re-discovered the pleasure of audio books. I was pointed to the LibraVox site by one of the other members in Knit the Classics. Their copy of Pride and Prejudice is a great read (pick the 'solo' one by Annie Coleman). The quality is right up there with commercial audio books.

And really, just about 15 more rounds of stocking stitch and 12 rounds of lace and I should be at the border if I've calculated right. Then you'll hear me moan about knitting off the endless border lace LOL.

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