Saturday, May 20, 2006

In progress - the P&P muffettes

I have been a bad, bad blogger this week and not posted at all. For which I can only plead that this is the busy time of the month invoicing at work and with the upcoming three day weekend and a couple of scheduled vacation days for the accounting department (my own included) during next week as well, we were really pushing to get as much out as possible this week.

But I have not been totally idle, as witness:

These are the Knit the Classics project for this month's book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. What we now call 'wrist warmers' were known during the Regency period of the book as 'muffettes'. I'm not sure if they were this particular style, as I have found definitions, but no pictures or patterns yet. (Still looking). I have discovered that I like the gauntlet finish (thumb hole, but no individual fingers) better than either the simple wristbands that stop at the base of the thumb or the finger less gloves. These let me type and write with a pen easily.

Since these are for office wear, the beading over the knuckles does not extend around, the palm is simple k2p2 ribbing. I should be binding this one off today and I'd show the beaded lace part 'on the needle' except that I inadvertenly temporarily abandoned the left one over at my mother's house this morning. She's promised to return it to me at church tomorrow. Trust me, it looks just like this one, but much shorter LOL.

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