Monday, May 22, 2006

FO: P&P Muffettes or Mitts

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I have been told that my P&P project can also be described as a pair of "mitts" since they have a place for the thumb.

But whether called "mitts" or "muffettes" they are FINISHED. After retreiving the left hand one from my mother yesterday, I knit on it quite a bit last night, getting it up over the beaded area on the knuckles and finished off the top ribbing while waiting for my mom's out patient surgery time.

I also got in a few rounds on the Widow's Shawl - doctor's rooms are great knitting venues.

Project details: Jane's Muffettes for the book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for "Knit the Classics" KAL.

Pattern adapted by myself from "Gladd Raggs Socks" by Laura Anderson of Sirius Knitting for the 6 Sock KAL.

Materials: Lang "Jawoll" Color 537/97 (pale and charcoal grey ragg) and Miyuki Delica beads in Dark Olive Irrid.

Needles: US 2 to two rows past the knuckle beading, then US 1 for upper ribbing.

Notes: The beaded lace went a LOT faster this time. I did the lace part on aluminium needles and it was a lot easier to dig into the k2togs over the beads. I basically knit the sock as published to the end of the lace, split the work for the thumb hole knit flat 8 rows of k2p2 ribbing, the six rounds of beaded ribbing as in the cuff detail (on the BACK of the hand only - palm continues in k2p2 rib throughout), two rounds of k2p2 rib, join with four stitches cast on over the thumb on the first round. Switch to smaller needles, k2p2 for an inch, bind off using EZ's "stretchy sewn bind off".

Comments: Love the lace and beads. Great lace project, sure to get lots of use next winter. My sister covets them.

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PJ said...

Great project there! (I've come from the P&P thing) My project is getting underway very slowly, but nice work you did- I like the beads. Thank your son for his service!!!!! (also your husbands) I completely agree with your opinion with the D.V.Code. The same people that are boycotting it probably don't believe in murder, but watch different movies with it!