Sunday, March 26, 2006

Getting ready for my trip

This weekend has been devoted to running errands, cleaning house (I HATE to come home from vacation to a messy house) and otherwise getting ready for my trip later this week to see the Marine!Goth graduate from his USMC tech school.

I will be playing chaperone for his girlfriend Katie (who stitches! and who I love dearly) and the wife of one of the guys that JC went to school with, Amy.

Humm, two 20ish Marines, two girls also barely out of their teens (or technically still in them at 17 -A and 19 -K) and me. Set loose in Jacksonville NC. If the east coast implodes, you'll know what happened.

I have packed the Diva!Scarf and a backup house sock. Have no clue what I'm wearing, though.

What? Don't you pack your knitting first?

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