Friday, March 24, 2006

Do you see what I see?

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Do you see the spot where I missed a SSK and didn't catch the last slip into the knit? Which caused a huge ladder of dropped stitches to run down into the cowl body; a problem that I discovered two lace repeats AFTER the fact?

No, you do not. That's because I am the boss of my knitting - even lace. I threw a life line in at the last bound off point edge that I was sure of and blithely ripped back. You heard me right - not tinked - frogged! Frogged, in fact, with much abandon, only stopping to place the cowl edge stitches back on the needle. Double and triple counted that lifeline row and merrily knit the edging back up. Of course there was somewhat foul language and a moment of absolute panic thrown in there and afterwards gleeful dancing around quite unsuitable for a sober, middle aged lady (but I never did promise that I'd act my age.)

Hint, it's about two YOs up from the bottom of the picture. The stitch is actully correct, but the tension is off from being messed around with. I'm hoping when I block it that ALL WILL BE FORGIVEN.

I'm now about one third done with the bottom bind off in lace. Aren't the little "shark fin" points cute? It will all look SO much better when it's blocked, but it's not bad now!

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