Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"leaving on a jet plane........"

Vacation is upon me. And as usual, I feel like I need the first three days to get organized to enjoy it and then the last three to get over going on it.

I was hoping to have the Smoke Ring cowl done before I left, but I still have to graft the join in the bottom lace and block it. So that will have to wait until I get back on Sunday afternoon.

I'm not holding out a lot of hope for masses of knitting time while I'm away, but if I can get the the knitting done on the Diva!Scarf, I'll be happy. I hate it when I have to pull away from a project when it's on a roll. I'm close to a finish on both the scarf and the cowl, so I'm going, "this one. No, that one. Have to save the Diva for the plane, can't work on the cowl if I don't have my Dazor." **dither, dither** The up side, of course, is that I'm close on TWO Finished Objects!

And when I get back, the new 6Sox KAL pattern will be posted so I'll have something new to work on right away. The designer gave just "fingering weight in spring colors" for the shopping list, and I have a double ball (100g) of Sockoatta in denim and light blues, peach and lime green. Very spring like.

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go....." (Great, now I have an earworm song from the 1970s stuck in my head. Where's my Ipod? I need different brain music!)

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