Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Grey Cardi is growing

This is where I thought that the body would end, but it looked a little skimpy when I actually got to the point where the sleeves join up - 1.5 inches before the last buttonhole and the start of the VNeck shaping. I measured it against some other sweaters that I own, and noticed that the ones that compare to this length at the underarm are the ones that I am always tugging down when I wear them. A bit more length is required.

So I ran over to JoAnns after work yesterday and bought another card of buttons (the last one in my style on the rack!!). That will give me about 18 inches at the underarm and an odd number of buttons. Studies have shown that odd numbers are more visually pleasing than even numbers to most people. I will also have an extra button; this is always a good thing so that the first time you loose a button, you don't have to go out and replace them all. Most better quality manufactured sweaters will give you an extra button or two (and sometimes a bit of yarn!) in a little packet on the tag or an extra button sewn into the hem somewhere unobtrusive.

I don't have choir tonight, so I'll be able to go to knit group for the first time since the break after Christmas! I do miss those gals and guys, but I also love ringing. I wish one or the other was on a different day than Wednesday!

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