Friday, November 14, 2008

Plimoth Plantation Sweetbag

Since the Necessiare is finishing finished (as vs stitching finished), it's time to pick another project from the 'smalls' category to work on. Here's another project that got to a certain point and was abandonded. In this case, I got the stitching done on the front and back of the main piece, and the cording/tassels made.

So the next step is applying the linings - which I've been doing this week. Next I have to make 12 eyelets across the tops of the pieces to run the drawstring through and then assemble everything.

Then I get a new start! The smalls for this set are still in their box. There will be a needle book and a scissors sheath. It's going to be great to actually get to start something instead of trying to figure out where I stopped, why I stopped, what I need to do to continue.....

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