Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hole-y, Hole-y, Hole-y

We have eyelets! I started out using my grandmother's awl to make the eyelets, but ran into problems almost immediately. That awl is tapered and therefore it is hard to get a consistent diameter. So I switched to using a number 5 knitting needle. Actually I used the metal tips from my KnitPicks convertible set. Pointly (they are designed for lace, so VERY sharp tips and an even taper) and once you get up to the needle shaft, the diameter is consistent. I also found a 24 count round eyelet stitch diagram. I feel more confident with a counted thread eyelet than the free hand ones in the pattern directions.

It's pretty sad that I haven't even had any knitting on those needles yet. Their first use was for neeedlework! I need to get back to knitting!

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