Saturday, October 25, 2008

FO - My Stitching Chair Necessiare

Well, in and around all the insanity last week, I did finish the base of the Necessiare. I also found the scissors that I'd bought to go with this set (the burgundy handles are a perfect match to the floss color on the flower motif!)

Project: My Stitching Chair Necessaire
Designer: Lesley Rudnicki of Hillside Samplings
Materials: Class Kit

I'm now at the half way point on the Stitching WIP Killer Binge. I started last Christmas with 16 projects, have retired one (a wall quilt - will finish the completed blocks as Christmas tree ornaments), and finished seven (though I still have to frame and post a finished photo of the Quaker RR piece. The framing on that is expensive and I'm still saving up for it.)

Finishing this was a good birthday gift to myself! Kimi made me a wonderful dinner, too - chicken in a herb and garlic sauce and homemade trifle with REAL custard - not from a mix.

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Karoline said...

It's gorgeous Karla, congratulations.

Sorry to hear of your Mothers accident, glad that the surgery was successful. I hope she makes a good recovery.