Friday, September 05, 2008

Time to get out of this funk....

The last couple of months have been rough. I've been sick off and on, stressed, upset with JC and swamped at work. And watching the value of my investments plumet hasn't been great EITHER.

It's not the WORST summer on record (the title for that would have to go to 2004 - the year we lost my FIL to cancer and Walt to a stroke just two months later), but it's not been my usual productive, fun summer either.

EFM and bells start up this coming week, I've got several yard projects to do this fall and I just plain need to get my case together!

Crafting, of course, has fallen rather behind as well. I really need to get back to posting every couple of days to keep myself motivated.

So I'm giving myself a stern talking to - get GOING, girl!

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