Saturday, September 06, 2008

Band 11 & 12 of the HSiaY

I promised that I'd start updating again. So this is what I've done over the summer on one of my stitching projects.

This is Linda Driskell's Heirloom Sampler in a Year 2000 - Band 11 and 12. When I introduced this project back in June, I didn't include a photo, but I was only to the bottom of the openwork band that you can just barely see in the top of the photo. I had just a few stitches put into the band with the woven work and nothing on the angel band.

The woven work looks more complex than it is. This technique is tedious and hard to frog out if you make a mistake, so it's considered an advanced technique. But working it in threads this large is not too bad. It's when you do it with tiny silk threads that you want to pull your hair out.

That's one cool thing about this designer, she uses all these very advanced techniques, but in materials that let you see what you're doing. She has VERY detailed instructions and diagrams. She's retired now, and I wish I had more of her pieces in the stash. If I ever happen to come across any, you can bet that I'm snatching them up.

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