Saturday, June 07, 2008

Teresa Wentzler's Millennium

Kim doesn't have the new lettering charts done for me on the USMC seal. I can't blame her; she's had a bunch of freelance work lately. Paying work takes precedence over freebies for family members! So the seal is going into hibernation until she has time to get back to working up the revised charts for me.

So my other WIP pictorial will come into the rotation for a while. This is Teresa Wentzler's Millennium. This is a Out of Print (OOP) chart.

I actually started this back in 2000 for Walt, who was an amateur astronomer. He LOVED the little over one planets and especially the comet.

We had a lot of fun "comet chasing" Hale Bopp. One of my best memories as a family is of us all (including my mom and dad) getting up at about four in the morning and driving way out into the country. Walt set up his telescope and we watched that comet for HOURS, drinking hot chocolate and just marveling. The sky was SO dark, the stars like diamonds.

So even though Y2K is long over now, I do want to finish this piece. Hopefully committing to working on it five hours at a time will actually get me somewhere on it. This designer is notorious for her use of blended colors and "confetti" stitching. For pictorials, her designs are rivaled in complexity by only a few other designers.

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Zandra said...

Oh wow, that is gorgeous!