Sunday, June 01, 2008


The third, fourth and fifth chart on the Bee Fields Shawl are the outer borders. And the central motif of the border is by far the most complex lace motif I've done to date. There are wraps and dropping wraps and picking up four dropped wraps and casting on in the middle of a row and increases and decreases galore. But when you are done ---- You have BEES!

Rows of them!


And I'm almost done with Chart 4 - just the outer most border and casting off left to go! I should finish this sometime this month. Which is a good thing. It's been on the needles for a long time. I dispair of ever finishing a shwal in less than six months!

I still love this yarn - it would make exceptional lace scarves. It's heavy for a lace weight, ALMOST fingering, very warm and 'scrunchy'. And SO SOFT! And the slight variances in the color are truly random and subtle. That's important for lace, since strong color contrasts can fight with the lacy pattern to the detriment of both.

I may have to see if it's available other than packaged in the kit for this shawl. I do know it comes in a pale green colorway. Also beautiful.

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