Monday, June 30, 2008

Stitcher's report - June ending

Good month for stitching - I met all my goals.

Here's what five hours of over one stitching looks like. It's a bit of an optical illusion, because I did all of the sky colors around the edges, which totally fade into the background. I also did all of the DMC792 and 841. This first part, where you have to be so careful of your count, is exciting, but painstaking.

Sampler (historic):
The Quaker Round Robin fill in continues. One more month ought to see this one finished. I think it needs one medium sized flower right above the center circle and the lettering in the center and bottom right cartouche. There may be a few small "filler" motifs, too.

Sampler (modern):
New project - well, new old project. This is another one from 2000 (I think I had a bad case of 'startitis' brought on by Y2K fever LOL); Linda Driskell's Heirloom Sampler in a Year 2000. I was working on this in the hospital when Walt died. I forced myself to work on it for a couple of months in 2005, but it was too soon. Now it's time to finish it off. I'm going to do it as a memorial sampler with his name and birth/death dates in the signature block. Here's a album of my progress to date. There's one full band and three partial bands left to do, but one of them is huge (the top band).

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