Saturday, June 21, 2008

Because these are summer lacy anklet socks, the legs went really fast on Lori's Vintage Lace Socks - I shortened it to just three repeats of the pattern, and we are already at the point where the magic happens:

The pattern in Nancy's Bush's book has a slip stitch heel. I modified it to the Eye of Partridge heel in order to show off the variations in the hand dyed yarn.

The lace rib pattern is rather fun. It's set up on a K3P1 base, but the K3 part is actually two different lace patterns, one of which is only one YO row out of every 12 round repeat. The alternating lace pattern is very similar to the one in the Dublin Bay socks, but narrower.

The fact that it is ribbing based lace makes the leg nice and stretchy.

One other neat "tweak" that the original designer did (and Nancy copied) is that the heel is worked on over half the stitches, but is immediatly decreased to half the stitch number via evenly placed P2Ts on the first row. This counteracts the stretchyness of the lace rib right at the top of the heel. How clever!

I love it when designers do things that make me go "hummmm" or "???" and then I get a "A-HAH!!!" moment later on in the project. "THAT's why....."

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