Friday, June 13, 2008

FO - Peekaboo Bonnet in Hot Pinks

Almost forgot to take a picture of this one before I wrapped it up. It was actually finished a couple of weeks ago! Bad Karla, no blog! This is for the second of the summer babies; it is for the newborn daughter of one of the girls in the bell choir.

Pattern: Peekaboo Bonnet by Design55. Sourced from "The Yarn Shop and More" in KC. Their house designer?

Materials: a kit, but I think the yarn is Mission Falls cotton - it's the same size as generic dishcloth cotton, but much softer.

Needle: Size 6 US

Comments - great little knit, but a ton of ends. It can also be done in one color and self striping might be fun. In a basket with some baby sunscreen and a cute toy, it makes a fine personal gift without a huge committment of knitting time.

Two babies down, and two to go!

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