Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ack - there are raccoons in my fireplace chimney! A momma and at least one almost grown baby. Over the last couple of days, the next door neighbors and I have spotted raccoons on my roof twice.

I called the "Critter Capture" guys right away. They aren't as good looking as Steve Irwin *G*, but they put out traps and covered the other (main heater) chimney with wire mesh so that my little masked bandits can't get in there.

I've lived here almost 25 years and never had more that a few mice off and on. (It's an old house with rock foundations that aren't perfectly sealed.) I am a little freaked out, though the guys said that as long as the flue damper isn't opened that my uninvited guests can't get down into the house.

I like wildlife, but on my terms LOL.

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