Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tartan Day 2008

Today I went to Kansas City for the Tartan Day celebration!

The venue was EH Yourg Park in Riverside Mo. This is also where the Kansas City Highland Games will be held in June. The Tartan Day celebration was cosponsored by the Highland Games and the Kansas City Saint Andrew Society

The day started out chilly, I was glad I brought a jacket during the flag raising

and the parade of clans

After the flags, the festivities were kicked off by Glenfinnan, a local Celtic rock/folk band

There were demonstrations of Highland Dancing - from wee ones (I think she was about 6 or 7):

Up to quite grown up lasses:

The men also got into demonstrating:

(I wasn't about to tell this guy that his shirt and kilt clashed!)

(sorry for the quality on this one, I had to photoshop it quite a bit - I couldn't get very close and forgot to use the zoom on my camera.)

There was also a demonstration/lecture on historic weapons, but my camera battery died right about then.

And of course there were kilts

and kilts

and more kilts

(the guys from X Marks the Scot kilt board left to right Mark_Kenny, Beserk Bishop, Chatten Cat, Rogerson895)

I got sunburned, I ate a "haggis pup" (sausage hot dogish type thing), I sampled the local brew pub's wares, I got to meet in person people from the celtic music and kilting boards that I hang out at. It was a GREAT day!

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