Friday, April 04, 2008

Plans for tomorrow

I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm driving into Kansas City to got to the Tartan Days celbration. Tartan Days for those of Scot's heritage what St. Pat's is for the Irish. A time to celebrate your heritage, to dance and drink, and just have a good time.

My ethnic heritage is about 1/4 German (mom's mom - Koenig), 1/4 English (dad's dad Hempstead), and the other half is a mixture of Celtic - Lowland Scot, Scots-Irish Ulster, Highland Scots, and Irish (MacKenzie, Lemon/Lamont, Castor, Carnahan). Parts of my family (Hempstead, and Castor for certain) came to America when it was still a bunch of colonies - technically I could join the DAR on both my mother and father's side. Other parts of my family were loyalists. On the Koenig side, I'm only second generation. My grandmother was the the next to the last of 13 children and the first one born in the States. They came through Ellis Island.

I've got Ulster Presbyterian, Highland and German Catholic, Irish who knows what, English Calvanist, and I'm Anglican! I'm a typical American - a total mutt LOL.

But it is actually my Scottish heritage that I identify the most with. I'm looking forward to tomorrow to celebrate it!

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