Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Halfway to Haiti or is that Hat-ti

Pirates is to the point where the stranded knitting is done. The provisional cast on is picked up (and wasn't THAT fun in a very hairy, grabby yarn - NOT.) And the lining is begun.

My fear is that this hat is coming out small. I was liberal with the stranding, and I really have no idea how the lining will affect the overall size. I do intend to block it out as far as it practical.

If it's too small in either width or length, I have ideas as to how to tweak the pattern. The material and gauge is wonderful, so it will be a matter of adding stitches in the margins of the repeats - very do-able. And with the mitten tree at the church still collecting hats and scarves, there is a home for it, certainly.

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