Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'm massively late for Talk Like a Pirate Day, but aren't these great! JC picked out the colors clear back when he was home on leave last Christmas and he has a winner here! I'm already about a third of the way up the hat, but that's only a quarter of the way done. After you knit the hat, you unpick that provisional cast one (the white edge in the picture), and then knit a lining (in the world's most un-itchy yarn - IE Rowan Cashsoft). Very clever design for men with very short hair *G*!

I'm really liking the yarn, too. It's Tiur from DaleGarn - a wool/mohair blend, but suprisingly soft. I'd wear it next to the skin. I have a couple of Dale of Norway patterns (the last Olympic one and several of the Olypmic classics), and I'm starting a list of "when I reach my goal weight" sweaters. All the complicated ones with expensive materials are on that list.

In the mean time, I can get my colorwork and cable fix from hats. Here's a close up...

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fleegle said...

That's hilarious! And so well done!