Monday, November 26, 2007

FO - Shedir (aka Cutting it CLOSE)

Not cutting it close on time this year - Christmas is right at 30 days away still. But.....
That's ALL the yarn that was left after I fudged to the top of KT's 'Shedir' hat. There's about 12 inches of the cast on tail and about 8 inches of finish off tail. I tell you, I was sweating it there at the last. I was lucky that I had about a quarter ball of the yarn left over from the "Interlocking Balloons" that I did for KT last year; otherwise I would have been SUNK!

I actually made the crown a bit shallower than the pattern calls for (good thing, eh?) In this yarn and needle it was coming out a bit big. A better solution would have been to leave off one of the repeats of the cables between the ribbing and the start of the decrease area. But it looks fine and fits me well. The cables pull in nicely.

I think I'd like to make this pattern again, in fact, but use the yarn that it's designed for.

Pattern: Shedir by Jenna Wilson (the girlfromauntie)in the special edition 2004 Jenna links it here

Materials: One ball and leftovers Plymouth Encore DK in colorway 1384

Needles US4

Notes: modified the crown of the hat to be shallower by dropping out rounds 72,,79,81

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