Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weight Loss - Year 1 Week 8

No loss this week.

Disappointing, but inevitable, I think. At least occasionally.

Several things contributed to this state of affairs. I weighed in at a different meeting, so at a different time of the day. Later in the day means another meal and more water. We had also just had our annual chili feed at the office. I ate more than I usually do, though not over plan. BUT, I ate some chili over corn chips. And I had chips with my sub on Monday. That means salt and quite a bit of it. Excess salt means that you retain water, and indeed my rings were tight. "A pint's a pound, the world around." And the scale proves it.

I'd also slipped up and had a couple of sodas this last week. Now a can of regular soda is only 3 points and diet is 0, BUT again with the mineral content (this time potassium and aspartame) that make you retain water.

So along with MSG (Chinese food made me only loose 0.1 pounds the second week in, where most people loose a lot), I know a couple of other foods to avoid the day before or the day of weigh in.

It's not that I'm trying to fudge the scale. All these foods are within the points target if eaten in moderation. But water weight can add/subtract 3 to 5 pounds over the course of two days. So why sabotage yourself if you can avoid it?

Back on program! I'll get in my activity points today - Kimi and I are going to tackle the walls beside the fireplace and the one with all the damage between the finished and unfinished parts of the basement.

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Laura said...

Hi Karla! Keep at it - if anything will inspire me to restart my Weight Loss Challenge it's seeing you Keep At It. :)

And I haven't forgotten about your pictures! They just temporarily slipped my mind. :D