Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Since my birthday is so close, I almost always had a Halloween themed birthday party. When I was really little, I thought everybody was celebrating my birthday with all the costumes and decorations. In some ways, I like Halloween more than Christmas. There's no gift giving pressure. Trick and treaters are happy so long as the candy doesn't run out LOL!

I passed out candy over at mom's tonight. She still has a bit of trouble getting up and down out of chairs (and pews and car seats), but her students and former students love to come. So I was her legs; she sat in the front doorway in one of the hard chairs with arms that Kimi got her last year (chairs with arms like from a dining room set are easier for her to get leverage on to get up). She had a blast seeing all the costumes and waving at the kids. I think she should dress up next year!

Best costume - the toddler in the dragon outfit. He wanted to get in to play with Molly (who was inside with Mom). Runners up: The werewolf (age 9 or so) with the VERY good makeup. I think one of his parents or siblings must be in the theater - it was that good. The angel/devil girl, the princess with the light up skirt. The mom and two daughters in the Ren Fest garb. Lots of great stuff.

We are right on the edge of a Victorian neighborhood that is safe, well lit and well to do. People from all over the city come here to Trick and Treat. With all the malls and churches doing Halloween stuff and the fact that it was a school night, we were down a bit. Only 113 kids this year; usually it's more like 170.

My dad started keeping track years ago. He used to be the one that passed out the candy while Mom took Kimi and I out. Later on, I took Kimi. Fun times.

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