Sunday, October 28, 2007

FO - Dublin Bay Socks

A little bit of Kitchner magic and the Dublin Bay socks are done.

Now grafted toes are not my favorite. I usually just do a wedge toe down to 8 stitches (2 per needle) and run the ending thread through twice, pull tight and end off. Neat, no fuss, no bother. I have rather longish toes (to go with my rather wide-ish feet) and the extra couple of rounds are a good thing.

But in these socks with the lace all the way to the toes, the wedge toe won't work. When the two panels touch, there are 6 stitches per needle. Far too many for my usual ending, but JUST right for kitchnering. Sometimes the project tells the knitter how to proceed.

And here they are on the blockers:

Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in color 2304 (Misty Greens) - 3 skeins (with not too much left over)

Needles: US1

Pattern: based on the Dublin Bay pattern (available online here.

Notes and Pattern mods: CO 80, moved the lace panels in to the first 6 and last 6 stitches of the instep. Reversed the second lace panel to be a mirror image. Continued the lace all the way down to the toe. Moved the gusset and toe decreases to frame the lace.

Comments: What is it with me and finishing lacy socks when they are so totally weather inappropriate? (see also: Broadripple Hybrid 2)

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