Saturday, July 07, 2007

Beads for MS#3

I caved. MS#3 will be beaded. When I'd first looked here in town for beads, there was only a very sparse selection of 8/0 glass seed beads at the local Michaels and no colors that worked well with my yarn. Our bead shops both closed over the last few years and googling got me no stores closer than Kansas City.

The Beadwrangler came so highly recommend that I ordered some beads just now. I hope the colors work. They are a pearl grey with a slight irridescent tint. They look good on the website, but you can never tell 100%. They are on the 8/0 page # 904.

I can't find my grandmother's tiny crochet hook, so I ordered a couple of the smaller sized ones of those as well.

I poked around and looked at the class offerings and pretty, shiny beads. My new mantra is "no more new hobbies, no more new hobbies......"

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