Thursday, April 26, 2007

Glad the director didn't start me on the big bass bells

One of my Lenten goals this year was to get involved in a group of some kind at the church. And there was an announcement last month that, starting the second week after Easter Day, the adult handbell choir needed two to three new members. My mom 'poked' me a little and I signed up.

Now, the last time I played or sang in an ensemble was before JC was born. In fact, I had to leave the choir when my doctor wanted me to not be on my feet at all during my first trimester. The boy's a miracle baby - a high risk pregnancy due to age, due to being a DES daughter and having a three generation maternal history of miscarriage, still births and problems all around.

So anyhow, to say that I am rusty is like saying that the Atlantic is a wee bit wet. But I went, I counted, I got lost a LOT. But I had a blast! I have three bells so far, high 'C', and the 'B flat' and 'B natural' right next to them. I have a folder full of music to pour over, mark up and generally adore. I have black gloves!

One must never touch uncoated brass with your bare hands. The oils from your skin will 'etch' the surface. My bells are small - only about two inches in diameter each and light weight. Three octaves down are huge bells more than twelve inches across and the men that play them probably lift weights in their spare time LOL.

But light as my little treble bells are (about 8 oz apiece), I can feel a burn and pull across my shoulders and upper arms. I think I need to do stretches before and after rehersal.

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