Saturday, April 28, 2007

FO - M-D Ball Band #9 and a Goose Tale

And here's the other washcloth for the baby shower. I have the basket, but at some point this weekend, I need to hit Toys R Us and Target for baby shampoo, etc and a DUCK!

Speaking of ducks and geese - I had a close encounter with a Canada Goose this morning while running errands. There is a cemetery not too far from my house that is the modern style with all the gravestones flat to the ground so it looks like a park. There is a series of ponds and creeks in this cemetery, which just re-enforces the park like feel. These ponds attract waterfowl by the dozens, including a large flock of city wise Canada Geese that overwinter here.

Now, it's been a cool to cold spring so far, and the geese are hanging around, but it's also time to be pairing up for the making of baby geese, so there was a fine set of three males all showing off at the corner of 6th and Gage Street for their potential lady friend. They were all 'honking' at each other and paying absolutely NO attention to the fact that very large, potentially fatal metal four wheel contraptions were zooming by inches away.

When one of the boys and the lady in question wandered into the turn lane right in front of me, I hit the brakes and the horn simultaneously. The female was smart, she scooted back to the grass, but the big male turned around, fixed my grill with a beady eye and honked right back. He sounded quite offended and proceeded to hiss and honk at me for several seconds before flapping his way off the ground ponderously. Honest, guy, I wasn't trying to poach your lady friend and my Oldsmobile is NO competition.

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