Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cute Box Class

My boss' wife is starting a home based business as a paper crafter. This is a class that she's teaching. She hosted the class at their house, so I also got to see my boss' new house. They are WAY out in the country - about a 45 min drive from the office, so an hour from my house. I am glad I don't have that much of a commute.

The project is VERY cute and useful. I did kind of mess up. I very carefully centered a dragonfly motif, not realizing that it would be covered by the "cards" label. If I had to do it again, I'd move that motif over to the left so it would show better. Live and learn.

It was a blast from the past to use ModPoge on this! I can remember doing decopouge crafts back in high school and I still have one of the pieces that a college roommate did for me! Everything comes around again!

She's teaching a class on card making next month. I signed up. Just what I need - Yet ANOTHER hobby LOL.

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