Friday, February 09, 2007

OK, now what?

I need a project to take to Knit Lawrence tomorrow. And the only thing currently OTN is the black blob o' doom afghan.

To make matters worse, I STILL have not measured Lori's feet. I took the wherewith all to the office twice this week and was thwarted both times. She was at corporate HQ one of the days and we had a VIP in the office the other. (Which is so not the time when you want to be running around waving a tape measure in the vicinity of a co-worker's ankles LOL.(

So I suppose I can get started on the other obligation knit for the office - the next baby bath day basket. No gender specified on this little one, so yellow it is. The problem is that I am still rather burned out on M-D ball band washcloths from all the ones in Oct/Nov and I really want to work on a sweater next.

On page 54 and following of the great Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Workshop", there is a two color sweater with Norgi shaping. It's designed as a pullover with Norgi 'cut and slash' sleeves. But I have a plan percolating in the back of my mind to make it a cardigan with peweter clasps. And do the front and sleeves with steeks! I have black and a deep crimson shetland wool for this, so steeks SHOULD work.

BUT this will be the first time I cut my knitting. I do all kinds of cutwork embroidery, though. So I'm not at all parinoid about this. Just a little wary. But at any rate, I'm still in the 'thinking and planning' stage on this one. Not even at swatching, and I wouldn't take color work to a knit group anyhow. I like to talk too much LOL.

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