Thursday, January 18, 2007

Technique - color changes

While working the second Chain Link sock leg, I've been paying attention to the 'jog' where the colors change. I'm just tweaking the tension by tightening down the last stitch before the marker. That visually moves that stitch down into the round below.

Here's the same area on sock #1

That's not a fold in the fabric - that's the jog line! While it's not a true jogless jog, I think sock number 2 is a big improvement!

One thing that helps is that the leg is knit in a slipped stitch pattern rather like the Mason-Dixon washcloths. The texture on the sock is not nearly as sever as the washcloths, but it's enough that it seems to camouflage the fact that I am messing with the tension at the jog line.

You may have noticed that I've deviated slightly from my usual sock sequence by working the heel flap right after I finished the leg on number one. Well, that was poor planning on my part. I haul just one sock around at a time in a little zippered pouch with half the yarn and a copy of the pattern (for written notes). When I got to the end of leg one, I was two hours away from sock two's finished caston and cuff. So I just forged ahead; don't worry, I'll catch up soon.

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