Saturday, December 02, 2006

Purple Haze or Daze or something

Here's the over one project that is the current stitching. It was as I was taking this picture that I realized that all three of my current active projects are PURPLE!! How'd THAT happen?? While purple is one of my favorite colors, I certainly didn't plan it that way LOL.

This is "Letter K" from M Designs Alphabet Series. The designer notes say that the inspiration was an illuminated alphabet from the early 1500's. But this series reminds me of the Art's and Crafts etchings from Kelmscott Press (like this one.)

Being the devout fan of the Arts and Crafts movement that I am, I love this type of thing. I'm not sure how I'm going to showcase it. It may be the top of a box or maybe a little doorknob hanger pillow. We'll see. It's quite small - right at three inches square. 32 stitches to the inch, so I use my magnifier to work on it.

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