Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I may actually have the Balloon Scarf done in time

I didn't think about it when I was planning the number of repeats, but I'm not using the same yarn as the pattern calls for. It's DK weight instead of a true sport weight, so the scarf is coming out a little bigger - somewhere around 8 inches wide (because the side selvage flares in and out with the pattern) whereas the pattern is that wide AFTER blocking.

So instead of 10 repeats, I only need 9 or maybe even 8. And I'm already on repeat 7!! That will also give me one skein to do a hat.

The chemo beanie with the traveling stitches would be a good choice to go with this scarf, I think.

Let's hear it for things that work out despite the knitter's poor planning.

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