Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Front Door

I love my house. This little Airplane Bungalow has tons of Craftsman details. I have oak floors, and built in bookcases and a huge built in oak buffet. I have decorated with Mission and early Deco pieces (some of them antiques, some good reproductions, some kind of junky reproductions that I will replace as the budget allows).

BUT, I have a problem with the front door. The knob is falling apart, the door only latches when you thow the deadbolt and the previous owner, bless his soul, just cobbled together the exterior trim. I don't feel safe with the latch barely catching. So I've signed a contract to have the lockset replaced, the jam and threshold fixed, the exterior casing replaced and the old storm door taken off.

OUCH. That's a grand plus I have to buy the hardware (since I want a high end lockset in the A&C style). Isn't it pretty?

I can't wait. At some point in the future, I want to get the front door re-veneered and a proper old fashioned screen door installed. But that will have to wait untill after the HVAC and the plumbing and the rest of the wiring and the chimney.

The only reason that I'm doing the door first is so that I'll feel safe here.

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