Sunday, December 10, 2006

Balloon Update !! (and more house stuff)

Believe it or not, I'm exactly at the halfway point on the Interlocking Balloons. Each repeat of the pattern is going faster and I really think that I could knit without the pattern, even though it's a 44 row repeat! I'm able to 'read my knitting' to a certain extent and the sequence is more logical than it looked at first.

No photo, though. It's at that point where "what's the point of a photo that looks just like the last one, but with more row markers in it?".

Lots of news on the house front. The contractor should be here to fix the front door tomorrow! Yeah! I am SO looking forward to that. But the new lockset is still in transit!!! According to the UPS website, it's due to be delivered Monday. Let us hope that it will be first thing!!!

The dining room is a torn up mess. I have had to move the wardrobe that functions as a closet so that they can get to the casing on the back of the doorframe. It's sitting in the middle of the dining room surrounded by all the junk that used to be on the entertainment center that I put into storage yesterday. I need to take about 15 boxes to the basement and I just don't care. I rather overdid it yesterday and I am stiff and sore today. Hopefully a day or two 'off' will fix it. I do need to get everything down there before JC gets home next week (Next WEEK! EKKKK! - must clean faster!!)

Hopefully the new door will put me into a 'work on the house' mood. Now that Mom's feeling better, I'm eyeing the bath room's stark white walls again. I'm VERY tired of living with Russian monastary plain white plaster walls! Gimme some COLOR.

The tree is up, though, and I'm burning pine scented candles. There's Mannheim Steamroller on the radio and my son will be home soon. Christmas at it's best!

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